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#Boom DLG is a high-speed and easy control discus launch glider. It was designed specially for the competition F3K. #Boom DLG has a high start and very good penetration due to the new family of thin airfoils DI760...720 and narrow wing.
In short! The Boom can fly very fast or can hang well, and he has very low sink rate. In the wind or calm, in the flow or without it #Boom DLG is always such as you need. Rigid and lightweight, with narrow chord and a slim airfoil. You may want to look at the polars, but it is better try to fly;)

#Boom DLG

Color of top
  • #Boom DLG available with Rohacell® core. Rohacell® core is more rigid and can be glued by cyanoacrylate.

    Standard weight version of the wing is made of carbon fabric 62 g/m2. Lite weight version is made of carbon fabric 26 g/m2. In any case wing has a carbon spar, ailerons have a carbon torsion bar, that increases the rigidity.

    Portable option divides the wing into two parts for ease transporting. The wing is connected by a carbon pin and secured with adhesive tape. The rigidity of the wing is almost unchanged.

  • Production time for #Boom DLG at the moment is 14...20 days after payment. The production time may be changed due to the unstable situation with COVID-19. You can clarify the production time immediately before ordering by contacting us.