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If your country have no dealer, you can order directly from us

We present Aloha F5J - new ultra light competition F5J glider!
It has 3 m wingspan and flying weight only 730 g in most lite version. Light weight and a fairly small wingspan allow Aloha to easily handle weak thermals at low altitude.The wing and tails are made with solid Rohacell or XPS core. Two versions of tail are available - V-tail and classic. See some info about placing of the equipment in the pictures.


You can order the assemby works F5J with the installation of equipment and electronics by following the link.

Aloha F5J 3m

1 180,00€Price
Color of top
  • Aloha F5J 3m is available for order now!


    Aloha F5J is available with Rohacell® or XPS foam core. Rohacell® core is more rigid and can be glued by cyanoacrylate. XPS foam core can be glued only epoxy, no CA!


    Light weight version is made of carbon fabric 26 g/m2. Standard weight version of the wing is made of carbon fabric 36 g/m2. Strong wing - checkered carbon fabric 62 g/m2. Different versions are made with different spars. Ailerons and flaps have a carbon torsion bar, that increases the rigidity.


    The kit includes a center section of wing, left and right tips, a fuselage, tails, a ballast tube, rods with tube, a set of accessories and a set of wing wires with connectors.

  • Production time for Aloha F5J 3m at the moment is 30...45 days after payment. The production time may be changed due to the unstable situation with COVID-19. You can clarify the production time immediately before ordering by contacting us.

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